When It’s Time To Outsource Your Marketing Efforts

When you’re a start-up, all your marketing efforts are done in-house. But as your company grows, and you may need to start thinking about running bigger campaigns for leads and branding.

The future is now.

Most marketing uses technology. There are many different marketing technologies you can use, and they often change quickly. A marketing agency will have all the tools that you need and the training on how to use them. A performance-based marketing agency that can provide you with guidance, as well as implementation service and support, are very valuable.

A new chapter.

If you have decided that you want to rebrand or follow a new business model, your marketing will all need updating, and your internal marketing team will be trained in the old way. Fresh input from an outside source can help you approach everything from a new angle and can help with any complications that may arise.

Jack of all trades, master of none.

In an outsourced team, there will be a graphic designer to update your branding, a copywriter can write content for your emails and blog, and a lead generation expert can present you with sales opportunities. Running campaigns with a full team who all have one main strength each works much better than having one in housed person trying to master all skills.

Been there, done that.

Digital marketers have experience and are experts in their field. Agencies will always have campaigns that have run successfully and then some that haven’t, meaning they will know what works and more importantly, what doesn’t. Many agencies will also specialise in one particular sector, so they will also be well versed in your company’s industry.

Grow your network before you need it.

Often, marketing can get pushed to the side when there’s so much else happening in the company. If you have been working to get leads and suddenly you’re caught up with them and haven’t had the time to make new contacts, it’s time to get a specialist to get more leads for you. It helps to have professional assistance to continue meeting the projected sales figures.

Time is money

When you hire outsourced help, you can make sure your money is being invested properly. A marketing agency can take the strain away and ensure that you have a team of experts who can concentrate on planning, delivering and measuring your digital marketing activity, on time and on budget.


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